Friday, August 15, 2014

HEY YOU! Get Outta My Space

don't let that sweet smile
and white hair fool you

she's perfected the art
of looking refined
24 carats .. the real deal

watch as she swooshes
into that packed lot
Fahrvergnügen all the way baby

no way in hell is she
gonna surrender that prime space

admit it .. you've always wanted
to witness a maneuver like this
one-upping the competition

she's betting Virgos are a rare breed tonight
breathes a deep sigh and 
slides right into that "Virgos Rule" slot

{wouldn't you like to be a Virgo too}


  1. Ha! I know both Virgos and Leos and neither is truly the retiring type! Thanks, Helen. k.

  2. Ha.. Battling for parking spaces has never been my style.. But I think I have seen this kind.

  3. I wish you could see the smirk on my face. I'm an Aries, and you know how full of ourselves we can be... and often are *cough*. But right now, I'm tipping my witchy hat to the hilarious power of a Virgo driving. ;-D

  4. Haha! I love this, Helen. My husband and younger daughter are both Virgos, so I know the score.

  5. lemme were born between August 23 and September 22nd!!!
    This was a fun read! Cheers!

  6. Fun. My poem is also about a disrespectful parked car. But yours has an attractive kind of pizzazz that makes me laugh.

  7. Ha..ha.. smiling back at you Helen ~ What a comeback fro Corey's challenge ~

  8. This made me smile....Virgo Is Preferred, it. I, on the other hand, am the one in the rusted dented wreck, hesitating just that few seconds too long to get the spot. I am resigned to it. Virgos Do It Better, hee hee! This was fun!

  9. LOL!!!!! I can picture that Virgo raking her hand in the air and letting out a little meow after parking that car....this rally made my day Helen. Thanks for playing,

  10. I didn't know that we virgos were that . . . well, whatever.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  11. You know I wouldn't mind judging on this twenty four carat piece

  12. a hoot, Helen :) ~

  13. My mother explained the fact that we didn't get along as well as we might by pointing out that she was a Virgo and me a Pisces.

  14. This is so funny. I can just imagine it! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me, Helen.