Thursday, September 25, 2014

Words Will Have Their Say

when dealing with a blockage
when words refuse to come
reminder this too passes
no. I. am. not. dumb.

deficient and defective
thesaurus tells me this
synonyms for inadequate
enough. to. make. me. pissed.

imperfect, I admit it
incompetent, no way José!
hopeless, I don't think so
start. switch. on. delay.

believing I have lost it
my muse, my brain, my flair
I take a tiny respite
breathe. in. the. crisp. fresh. air.

clear my mind of cobwebs
dance and sing and dream
soon before I know it
words. begin. to. stream.

honestly it's not simple
stuff gets in the way
but knowing what's inside of me
words. will. have. their. say.


  1. ... Susie said I could ~ maybe you have wanted people to actually hear you say those words you've held so close, create an audio or visual poetry reading.

  2. Of course words will have their say ~ I so enjoyed the read Helen ~ You are so expressive, smiles ~ I think you should have more audio or visual poetry reading ~

  3. This is fantastic Helen! I have been inflicted with writer's block lately. Love the video reading! I am with Grace I think you should do them more often! Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  4. Wonderful. I loved that you read it. That last line is GREAT

  5. I SO enjoyed watching you read this, Helen!!! What a treat and what a message...thank you! :)

  6. I will watch every video you post… I love your voice, your smile - it made me feel happy :) With your kind of inner joy, there is no way your words will remain locked up.

  7. It is never good to be held prisoner by one's own thoughts. Well expressed, Helen.

  8. Hurrah! Through you, in you, around you, of you--words have their say. Your big smile dismisses all the self-doubt those big words attempt to play. Words have their say.

  9. This is delightful. Loved your presentation which belies any trace of the inadequacy the title claims.

  10. in knowing ourself, words will have its way....and that i think will lead us beyond inadequacy...actually our feelings of inadequacy i think lead us far from who we really are....

  11. What a wonderful piece. I often wonder, will this be my last, will I ever have another thought? And before you know it, a little thought, like a bubble begins to float, and sparkle, I guess we never 'say' it all. Always something left unsaid.

  12. You are just as I knew you would be! Full of fun to say the least. Keep posting! Love it!

  13. Nice to see you and hear you again after so long. I am convinced.... am taking off for a few days untethered to anything electronic. XX