Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bluegrass Blue

my man he's gone and left me, done me wrong
my man he's gone and left me, done me wrong
left me with three young'uns 
to raise up good and strong

my mama taught me good, she did
my mama taught me good, she did
taught me everything she could 
before she hit that row called skid

three young'uns now for me to raise
three young'uns now to raise
just a-wishin' and a-longin' 
for them good ole days

i don’t need no man to make me whole
i don't need no man to make me whole 
cause there ain't no man alive 
can steal my soul


  1. hello, Helen! hello! *waving* so great to see and hear you!
    next time, i want a video of you up on a stage singing that song with a real-live band backing you up. so get to work on that! ;)

  2. Love the strength and clarity of your voice! Beautiful :)

  3. You have a fantastic voice, pretty lady!! I wish the music were lower so I could hear it better...still you are a STAR!!

    Love to you,
    Jane :)

  4. amazing and very strong pure emotions

  5. Hey, I love your music composition Helen ~ Like Marian, it would be lovely to see you singing on the stage, smiles ~


  6. good for you, knowing you need no man to make you whole...
    and when they leave, we make the best of it...put our
    attention where it needs...raising those children...
    lovely song helen...

  7. ... in the 'uncompromising' light of Sunday morning, I considered deleting this post. Then realized it would be impolite after you actually listened to my pathetic attempt .. and left kind comments. Smiles, huge grins, giggles!

  8. So good you didn't delete.. great blues Helen.. I think you captured the mood perfectly.. wish I could sing like you .. (also in the darkness of Sunday..)

  9. Helen; singing the blues. Magnificent!

    Blessings and Bear hugs, woonie lady!

  10. Brava! Brava! Gorgeous you with a gorgeous voice!

  11. A beautiful and powerful verse ... well done :-)

  12. wow! you blow me away, Helen! not only do i love your poetry (and your hair) but your voice is fabulous!

    thanks so much for your visits to my blog. sorry i'm not able to get by that often or even reply to your comments, but they are much appreciated!


  13. Helen! Wonderful! It is great to hear you singing the blues, and with a bit of a smile on your face, to keep the listener from being blue--so cool. Thanks for the song and thanks for posting. (And being so brave.) k.

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    1. ... hoping that means you enjoyed this!!