Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Yoda the cat & Sammy the dog

I'm Sammy, the Maltese
And Yoda, my friend
We live here together
In beautiful Bend!

Uh-oh she's coming

Our Woondogger dear
To watch us and feed us
And stay with us here!

Woonie tries hard

We'll give her that much
Cuddles and petting
She has a nice touch!

but Mommy, oh mommy
Come back to us soon
We miss so much ~ to the stars
To the moon!

Yes we love Woonie

She's one in a million
But we love you more ~
A million, trillion, zillion!


  1. ha. i am sure you are taking good care of them...but who can replace mommie...
    is this a plea of yours for them to come back? ha...smiles.

    1. ... just completed five days of Yoda - Sammy duty!

  2. Ah, this is a treat, Helen. They are lucky to have the caring Woonie, but it's hard to replace Mom.

  3. I enjoyed this, Helen...........I love dogsitting my granddogs, they treat me like a rock star!!!!! hee nice of you to pet-sit for five days!!

  4. Ah.. of course dogs know that mommy is missing.. sweet poem (I think I would be a bad dog-sitter though)

  5. I had always wondered about Woonies and today I had a bit of time to search. Google said only this, "Found in the Comanche (is) meaning to look." So I still don't know.

    Well there were several saying it is a ficticous being word as there is no such thing. Like we studied in Economics about the wickets, a ficticional product with certain characteristics, one that the typical company in any given field makes. The Woonies in Wikipedia are nearly all photos of ladies (nearly all, perhaps a dog or two).

    The Road Dahl fun poem about Crocky--Wook is an example for fathers of how to not act. Yours is one of a nice lady doing her bit for animals of the world. You did good with both the poem and the thought expressed by those varmints.

    My sister and I both talk to animals, most of them. Neither of us knew the other was doing that until we compared notes several years back.

  6. I was confused at first--I didn't realize they are your daughter's dog and cat, I guess? Anyway, once i realized you were petsitting, I enjoyed this tremendously!

  7. Indeed!! The rhythm and tone in this is so spot-on, Helen! How sweet of you to take care of those sweet faces. ♥

  8. I love this Helen. You get inside the little furry brains of those guys and tell it like it is--except, I think they probably are perfectly happy to wait for Mommy to return, while you are there to cuddle and hand out the treats with a lavish, non-ownerly hand.

  9. No one can have Mommy's touch. It's just a fact. But a lovable someone willing to spent time and keep the bowls full is always a welcome things...

    And that Crocky kind of freaked me out...

  10. I bet you spoil them more than "mommy" and they adore your being there. :)

  11. They are so cute, and your poem even cuter--I hope you too had a nice week. k.