Thursday, November 27, 2014

Seat 24A ~ Looking North Out The Window

 this is not a game
nor a drill
i am going to die 
head down, braced for impact 
i assume the crash position
life flashes
behind eyes closed tight
snapshots ~ a kaleidoscope
it’s true you know, that really happens
and as quickly as it begins ~ it ends
silence.  relief.  laughter.
happy to be alive
to fly again another day

(I composed this years ago after a truly frightening in-flight experience.)


  1. ha. been a while since i flew...that jolt of takeoff will def put a bit of fear into you...i hope you travel well...and have a wonderful thanksgiving...

  2. There can be nothing more terrifying than such a situation, out of one's element and helpless. I'm glad your experience had a happy ending.

  3. Oh Helen, if I know you, you could sprout wings and fly away. :-)

  4. oy. on the flight back, the girl one row up was making liberal use of that little paper bag they include in the seatback... at least the toddler directly across was cute, and quietly active. thanks for the terror ride-along, and for adding your voice ~

  5. Flying is not a pleasant thing to go through. Until touch-down one still feel the jitters. Wonder how the pilots and crew feel when it is a job to be up there! Great lines Helen!


  6. You have described turbulence to a T. Well done.

  7. Interesting use of the photo. Old rail wheels well and truly tied down... maybe they should do that to planes!

  8. hey Helen--this describes those irrational fears so well. Very cool. Thanks. All sounds well-- so glad for you. K .