Friday, April 3, 2015

When Cookie Jars Play

my cookie jars ...

old folk snug upstairs
asleep in their beds
chocolate and chip dreams
filling their heads

kitchen is quiet
all tidy and dark
it's time for an exit
let's head for the park

ponies are ready
carousel awaits
follow me little ones
right through the gates

Peanut and Cupcake
Ham-Burglar, Pig
Fierce Dog and Dough-Boy

we'll dance and we'll frolic 
all through the long night
then head home for dream time
when night becomes light 


  1. I love lullabies, and you have a lovely singing voice! LOLing at "Fierce Dog" because my puppy thinks she is one!

  2. Wonderful collection of cookie jars; and you were lullabying ???

  3. Ah so sweet--so sweet-- thanks! k.

  4. Oh you talented woman! You have a wonderful voice, and your song is just a delight. Made me smile.....can see you singing it to your grandkids........I so loved this. Applause!

  5. I LOVE I know you better! :)

    Jane xx

  6. Ps you are so cute singing and so brave to go on YouTube! Sounds terrif! Thanks. K.

    1. .. at this point In my life I have nothing to lose ~ or hide. No shame.

  7. It's a nice song, ranging from little kids to adults, they ought to like it. You certainly ran the range covering them.
    The "Fierce Dog and Dough-Boy" amongst the carnival eating delicacies, would that be a sausage kolache?

    1. p.s. I am glad you sang it for us. You have a very pleasing voice. I've been asked to NOT sing in a church choir, you wouldn't be glad to hear me singing mine (I do by myself, so many times I might sing it in the shower).

  8. hey stranger! good to see you and this fun pen ~

  9. Very good to see and hear from you, Helen. I have missed your light-hearted presence and good-humoured poems and songs.

  10. When Cookie Jars Play - with chocolate and chip dreams...I am sure those dreams will lead to some sweet places.