Friday, August 28, 2015

Farm Girl



never told my school chums
how I spent summers
long hours in the scorching sun
seeding, weeding, harvesting
months setting the stage 
for my life-long
appreciation of all things fresh 
pile it on !!
fresh corn roasted over an open fire
bbq ribs smothered in thick sweet sauce
cole slaw made the mayonnaise way
biscuits smothered in goopy butter
layer on layer of strawberry shortcake
ice cream churned the old fashioned way
sweet tea with garden fresh mint 
farm girl and proud of it !!


  1. I doubt that I would have much of an appetite, but if I did, I would probably choose beans, fish, greens, cornbread, molasses, maybe a baked potato, and either lemon meringue pie with a homemade oil crust or banana pudding made with vanilla wafers and a meringue top.

  2. With such reach food it would almost be like you intentionally clogged your arteries... :-) to much and it would be the last meal.. :-) but it sounds delicious.. Reminds me of the film La Grande Bouffe

    1. Good thing I saved this meal for the end, for I would have met the same fate as the four men in the film! I saw it many years ago in a small 'artsy' theater ~~ little need to read the English subtitles, the images spoke for themselves!!

  3. this is a new form of poetry. one paints a picture with words of wonderful food and the reader not only appreciates the artistry of poetry in this form while the salivary glands drool

    lovely sight at a poetry reading, a bunch of poets sitting, drooling

  4. What a last supper - delicious!

  5. That sounds pretty great--I'm a vegetarian but it would be nice, if one has to have a last meal, to have such succulence. k.

  6. I always enjoy the feast you provide for your reader, Helen. Nice to see you around.


  7. Wholly cow, I feel like having an impromptu barbecue now, and you are invited!!!!! that was delicious writing Helen, I too grew up on a farm and those lovely evenings and afternoons after work was done, horseshoes and big dinners with everything you just, you make me nostalgic. Great writing!

    1. Thanks Corey! I added an update ~ about my feelings as that girl growing up on the farm!

  8. Dearest Helen,
    Yes, that is exactly how I did spent my summer vacations. Always helping out in Mom & Dad's greenhouses and on the fields, harvesting and sweating and oh so much enjoying a fresh shower. Feeling like new after a good meal, cooked from fresh veggies that got home grown. Lots of love and nutrition for the body & soul!

  9. Good lord now I'm hungry. Better go get me some corn on the cob :) Nicely done, Helen!

  10. Well, I was drooling to at the end of that. Now I have to go raid the fridge!