Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Watershed Moment

i hold her in my arms
solo witness as life ebbs
from a frail body
my mother

shallow breaths
tiny sips of air
in a deep sleep now
the time has come

speaking softly
i believe she hears me
finds comfort in the
sound of my voice

a tear escapes her eye
i touch it instinctively
lift it to my face
blend our tears ~ and it ends


  1. Oh Helen, this took me back to my grandma's bedside as she lay dying. I bent and whispered in her ear, "Thanks for all the love" and watched a single tear roll down her cheek. What a beautiful moment you have captured in this poem. So beautiful. Thank you.

  2. One of the hardest times in my life was sitting there while my mother in law passed. Encouraging her family to let her go so she could find peace. I was right there

  3. This is so sad & poignant... please accept deepest and heartfelt condolences.

  4. Oh I can see this all...You have definitely captured that moment of dying. So very sudden. Expected...but yet not.

  5. Heart wrenching experience which you have expressed poignantly. The suffering is so much part of our journey it seems.

  6. I have seen quite a number of dying people shed that tear and I wondered...You've perfectly captivated that moment here...

  7. Dearest Helen,
    What a touching poem of you sitting there solo and blending each other's tears. What a perfect ending and so lovingly.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. As naïve as I was, I thought people died in hospitals. They don't in this day and age with hospice, which is a good thing. Still, watching my mother pass, my first experience was so upsetting and raw. I could never write about it so eloquently as you have but it was much the same as with your mother---a sigh and a tear.

    Sending love and a thank you for touching on a sensitive and personal subject so beautifully written.

    Jane x

  9. Being with someone as they die is a great education and a pivotal moment to understand the meaning of life. It must not be wasted. This is a really beautiful piece of writing .

  10. Very moving. Yes, that's a watershed moment all right. Being with my mother as she passed was the most confronting experience of my life!

  11. A sad moment indeed, my Mom died three years ago, and I have missed her strength, sweetness, her very being every is hard to go on, without our Moms. I think the comfort is that knowing that they will no longer seemed OK at the time, but again I miss her everyday. And I know you do, your Mom.

  12. You transported me back to my own mother's death. I held her too, and cried. My heart is with you. Your poem is lovely.

  13. There is a wonderful sacredness to being with another when death comes. This piece touches me deeply--maybe it touches everyone deeply

  14. Both Helen and Sherry, you've captured that moment in time etched permanently in memory. It has to be experienced to be really appreciating the privilege of being there!


  15. I hope I have this opportunity to be there and a comfort and comforted when that moment comes. What a blessing wrapped into a beautiful poem! The tears blending become a thing of joy.

  16. Letting go is a very hard and life altering moment. Thank you for sharing.

  17. sweet words of remembrance BIg hugs to you and yours.

  18. Such tender words somehow soften the harsh inevitability. Beautifully written.
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  19. This is intimate, deeply personal and melancholy, Helen. A very poignant write that cannot fail to engage the reader. Beautiful...