Sunday, November 1, 2015

Are We Ready To Order?

when dining out for dinner
be fearful of what you eat ..
studies have suggested
cancer is caused by meat

red kind and the processed
meats charred on a grill ..
wondering what to eat tonight ?
rabbit fits the bill

rabbit stew with dumplings
cacciatore, fricassee
beer baste or a marinade ..
food for the bourgeoisie

no need to get all formal
casual works just fine ..
rabbit a delicious entrée
paired with an excellent wine

you say he is a cutie
hard to reconcile the source ..
take a breath and cease your thoughts
hasenpfeffer is tonight's main course


  1. Anh, I'd try it, at least once anyway. ;-)

  2. Enjoyed reading them! Wonderfully explained about eating....

  3. Oh, you are a clever one! And the rhymes! Amazing!

  4. Had rabbits as pets, and eaten the little suckers too.

  5. I can't eat rabbit, so this gives me the eerie shivers.

    1. Gemma, I cannot eat rabbit ~ though family members tell me my grandmother made a great rabbit stew!

  6. I agree that rabbit is good.. but just like most meat I do not want to face the animal I've eaten...

  7. Very topical given the recent news about red and processed meats. Might just hop off and get some rabbit! On second thoughts, make that a nice bit of rare rump.

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  8. Helen, you`ve done it again! Made me laugh out loud. Rabbit in sour cream is good but I haven't eaten it for years.

  9. A little more pfeffer with my hasen, please.

  10. Apparently rabbit meat is lumped together with chicken rather than the usual red meat. That makes them better meat. Great rhyming Helen!


  11. I've eaten rabbit but was too young to remember. A fun rhyme about food I loved it!

  12. Brilliant and original take on this prompt...

  13. Dearest Helen,
    GREAT poem and so true.
    Well, when I came to this country 32 years ago I got asked by my hygienist what we ate for family dinners like here Thanksgiving. I told her that often we prepared Rabbit meat. She blurted out to me: 'You mean you eat the Easter Bunny?'
    That made me feel awkward for quite a while and I've given up eating rabbit, like most other meats!
    Hugs to you,

  14. Do you mean to say that THAT woman is on her way to slaughter THAT rabbit? Has she not seen “Night of the Lepus” (