Friday, November 27, 2015


Memory Walk ~ 2006

we walked along the river
reflecting on life,
beauty surrounding us

"I can't remember this place
who lives here .. are we visiting?"

breathing deeply
I force myself to remember
the day denial, fear and dread
became constant companions

"I can't remember your name
have we met?"

together we made
the inexorable march 
through Alzheimer's stages
mild, moderate, severe
to the end

"What's the name of that disease I have ~~
is it called imagination?"


  1. Oh, Helen. This is dread I understand.

  2. You've painted a heartrending portrait flawlessly.

  3. Agree with MZ and Shay--so well done and so sad. k.

  4. Helen, so heartrending and poignant....also scary, as I come closer to my seventies.

    1. I turn seventy-five next year ... the dread is there.

  5. But you have to make the visits. We had Mrs. Jim's grandmother with us for a couple of months. Every day she would tell me about her house on the bank of the river behind our house. It was a drainage ditch. But I humored her.
    Adi, my therapy beagle dog, and I would visit an Alzheimer's wing at a local assisted living home weekly. The residents loved her and would tell me about their dog. Adi looked forward to the visit, she loved that.

    1. Mother once asked me if the name of her disease was "imagination" ... I had to laugh and simply responded ... "I wish it was."

  6. I simply can't imagine what this is for you. But you captured the emotions and a personal notes. I pray for not only for the sweet souls that suffer, but the families who have to endure the pain and loss of their loved one.

    Jane x

  7. Helen--This moved me. My dad died with full-blown Alzheimer's. It's a horrible disease--worse for the family and loved ones than for the afflicted one.

  8. To see her disease through your eyes. Brilliant.

  9. My mother has dementia, and I can so clearly understand this.. I think the imagination is spot on.. my mother mixes past with present and her fantasies.. some days she is happy and other's are despair.. I hope I have my father's genes in this... he was clear and able till he died.

  10. that final line is *SO* damned incredible, Helen. indeed, are we cursed with imagination. ~

  11. Oh, I know this dread also. My mother had Alzheimer's. I hated watching her be so lost.

  12. Oh, this touches deeply, regardless of our age.