Sunday, January 17, 2016

Self Examination

Ignore the obvious
dark, raised, asymmetrical
focus on her face, 
only her face.
Pay no mind to the danger 
lurking beneath her lovely skin
after all it is merely her back, 
not her face.
Painfully aware
fortune and fame will vanish
without his meal ticket,
his golden girl.


  1. oh my- so many endure this- especially now.

  2. I saw the mark on her back, and thought a blemish a imperfection but, yes it could be cancerous.

  3. So very sad. Hope it's fiction.

    1. Yes, the poem is fiction. However I've had multiple surgeries for skin cancer making me suspicious of any abnormal looking growth.

  4. Dearest Helen,
    Love the photo and the poem.
    Well, I was looking at my left under arm and mentioned to my doctor on December 23rd that reddish looking spot. He shaved it off for having it tested. Phone call came, telling that it was a basal cell skin cancer and had to be taken out deeper. So I had it done this week on Wednesday and it turned into a big hematoma. Looking forward fast to three weeks from now and things will be fine!
    Sending you hugs and hope all is well with you.

  5. I read your beautiful piece twice and the obvious was the second time around. The first I was imagining a beautiful woman who was only appreciated for her beautiful face, not her backbone. Am i silly?

    Your poems are beautiful and thoughtful.

  6. Read this and re-read this, very evocative.

  7. Sweet, kind people should never be handled without care. It roughs up there beautifully smooth edges

  8. Somehow disconnected from the body

  9. Its somehow heartbreaking, especially the last line

  10. So many looking for something that isn't....good work Helen!

  11. Well done...I like the unexpected last line...

  12. So many things the end our health is what matters most. Hope all is well for you these days Helen. :-)