Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Memories .. A Return To Memory Care

Pied Piper

I feel like a Pied Piper among fragile humans
Needing cues from their pasts to bring
Smiles to their faces
Light to their eyes
Music is the key ~
I can bring back memories of long ago 
When they were happy and carefree
When joy and freedom reigned
When images of their futures could not be fathomed

The Journey to Dinner

I watch them as their day comes to a close
The continuous shuffling of bodies and souls
Some of them walking unaided
Some of them walking assisted
Some of them being pushed in chairs
The familiar journey to a room
Most of them can’t recall from day to day
I wonder 
Will he or she be there the next time I visit
I’ve grown so fond of them all

Can You Forget Me

If you see my face every day, can you forget me
If I touch your face, hold your hands, can you forget me
If I talk to you of long ago, awaken memories in a mind that’s fading, can you forget me
If I sing the hymns that express your faith,
 can you forget me
If I walk with you in the sun and gentle breeze,
can you forget me … only time will tell


No need for clocks
No need for watches
Death comes on its own time frame
Like a thief 
In the dark of the night 
Stealing your most precious possession


I wander the halls
Look for signs of Mother
Something left behind
A photo displayed
Any tangible proof she was here 

Workers greet me with smiles and hugs
They know how sad I am
They're sad too
This becomes the proof 
I need to sustain me


  1. Dearest Helen,
    Yes, memories and that is all we have left.
    For that a photo and even more so, the written word can keep them alive so well.
    It does outline their person, their being...
    Friday will be my Mom's 2nd Birthday in heaven, she left us on January 27 of 2015... Unreal feeling still.
    But it is a fact and all we can do is write!
    Sending you a big hug.

  2. My mother live in a home too... so sad to see her loosing herself gradually... but she seems to be a happier person now when she has lost this much.