Monday, March 7, 2016

Flash 55 for the Toads

Lucid dreaming:  a dream in which, while physically asleep, you know you are dreaming and have the ability to control the dream. 

Dreams In Extreme

to sleep, perchance to dream
writer and producer 
this is my play
I control the direction
the destination
step blissfully 
into a surreal scene
Sweet Jesus!
you are here
with me as we used to be 
the peaks, the valleys
fused into one never ending
cosmic high
to sleep, perchance to dream 


  1. Helen, in this extreme dream you are expressing the hope of many a writer. I dream of being able to dream the things and ways that I want and envy those who think they can. You wrote of a writer having lovely hopes wishing for their fulfillment, expressing his wishes very well. I hope they come true for her.

  2. I so enjoyed this piece, Helen. There is much depth to your descriptions.

  3. Sweet Jesus, what a poem! I have missed you Helen hope all is well. I enjoyed your picture too that watercolor. Hugs!

    1. The image is an old photo I 'altered.' Glad you like it ~~

  4. Dearest Helen,
    You sum up with very few words what such an extreme dream is all about. Yes, at times we are fully in control; only in our dreams...

  5. So much to love with this... we would like to exercise control of those dreams don't we... yet sometimes it's even better if we don't

  6. Helen, wonderful description of this experience. Those kind of dreams seem to come to me in fits and starts, rarer recently, and they really hang with your. They've influenced my life at times. And thank you for your comments on my AIDS quilt poem. In the early days of the epidemic, I nursed in SF and helped set up one of the first AIDS-specific care units. What a devastating tragedy--especially then when there was little or no hope to be offered. Google won't let me comment unless I use my defunct google account.

  7. Lucid dreaming is definitely "a screenplay of [our] own making". And how love that... To have control in an environment that is only limited by our imagination. Extreme (and yummy) indeed! ♥

  8. Intense, darling! Love it!


  9. From "you are here with me" passionate...beautiful all together!

  10. That sounds pretty great! And would be even better if awake. Thanks, Helen. K.

  11. Dreams often can influence one's destiny to achieve what are depicted in the dreams. It has a way of happening and perhaps can be made easier with divine help and blessings! Thoughtful thoughts Helen!