Monday, May 16, 2016

No More

I cannot remember 
the lovely times we shared
save for a few

(I know them by heart)

there is no more of me to give
nothing left 
for you to squander 


  1. Short and right to the point--and pointed! A bit like a stilletto--really well done, Helen. Hope all well. k.

  2. Yes, there are those no mores, we are happy to get out from.

  3. Those last two lines tell the story well. Excellent Helen

  4. No more, no more, no more. Hit the road, Jack.
    I love it, suppose I've been there. That part doesn't matter anymore.
    Did you ever hear of shutting down by both, with nothing said by either?
    Your lines are great to tell yourself, justifying your moves.

  5. Perfecto!! An anthem for my twenties!


  6. Yes, with an economy of words you have struck the heart of loss.

  7. Thank goodness for the good moments, the ones that are so ours that not even the not-so-wonderful bits from the present can take away.

  8. Those moments we've beautiful.

  9. Dearest Helen,
    Wow, that is a great poem and I only can agree with that.
    When I learned from my nephrologist that both of my kidneys function for 46-48% and that my bed time blood pressure has to come down (it should be lower than when you get up in the morning) I have changed certain things. Even more disciplined in selecting what to eat; low sodium constantly in mind and as for stress... Those toxic ones I don't allow to ever squander my energy, love and time again.
    Both of us have hit the pedals, daily if weather permits us and that works so well, calming for the mind and spirit and great for the body. I pray that God grants us years more for doing so together.
    Big hugs to you dear friend!

  10. Precious moments kept close to the heart, sometimes there is no more. Sad but true.

  11. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time...the end of something is always tragic, but every beautiful beginning began from something else's painful end...

  12. Beautiful, darling. This one hits home!