Friday, June 17, 2016

Talking About The Weather

Fifteenth of June
Two thousand sixteen
Snow’s on our mountains
I'll set the scene.

Low temps, cool breezes
Weather is fine
Bathed in the fragrance of
Sagebrush and pine.

Scant rain and thunder
Humidity’s low
Everyone’s laid back
We 'Go with the flow.'

Craft beers and food carts
Music outside
Bend is my hometown
It’s where I reside.

Cycles and kayaks
Paddle boards, kites
Camping and fishing
Clear, starry nights.

We live in a paradise
Everyone knows
Basking in sweet warmth
Before wintry snows!


  1. I love a place where all that could happen.. sounds so much like paradise...

  2. "We breathe in the fragrance of
    Sagebrush and pine."

    Love these details...I agree...sounds like paradise!

  3. Ah yes, the paradise of Bend! What a fun tribute! Thanks for posting Helen and Viva la

  4. It sounds like a fabulous place to be.

  5. Wow! Considering that June 22 is mid-summer, this sounds like a very chilly place to be (more like my mid-Winter days).

  6. I can feel the camaraderie of that scene. So vivid so relaxing. So friendly. Luv "rolling with the flow"

    Much love...

  7. here's my haiku re: texting

    No text please
    I have a stupid flip phone
    And fat thumbs

    Have a lovely day! xoxo

  8. My haiku could read like Kathe's.
    We came home to the hot hot here, it's a wonder we haven't had forest fires yet. While there was still a tinge of cool here, I call it "top down weather," it was in the 40's and 50's up in Iceland and 70's in the U.K. Where we were traveling.

  9. Dearest Helen,
    No, I'm not into texting as well - just rarely for reaching someone with an important message.
    Can'b believe you had this type of weather; so unreal!
    We had a very hot and humid week. Now it feels better, at least in the evening when we biked together.
    Stay well and sending you love and blessings.