Monday, October 10, 2016

Splash of Red and Gold

Jaime Weatherford

we met 
in that time of the year
when trees sleep and flowers die.
found our rhythm amidst
laughing aspens 
whispering pines
falling leaves of red and gold.
autumn's light slowly faded 
sun's angle too low for nourishment
 we lost our rhythm .. drifted apart.


  1. A sweet poem, one feels the melancholy of the season, with the disconnect of the relationship. Thanks. k.

  2. Somehow I can feel the transition from the dancing leaves to the weight of parting...

  3. Ooohh, sad but given their propensity to follow their drifting lusts, I suppose parting was inevitable.

  4. Sun's angle too low for nourishment
    we lost our rhythm .. drifted apart.

    As in nature so in relationships. But, maybe when the sun is higher - maybe not. Sometimes, time just runs out. It is a bit sad though I guess inevitable.

  5. drifted apart just as the leaves do in fall!
    lovely write.

  6. Ouch....but you nailed it beautifully. I wanted it to go the other way but this had impact. Sad yet poignant.

    I was thinking of you today, Helen...have I missed posts?


  7. Dearest Helen,
    Well, it is a melancholic time of the year, to say goodbye to the warm and sunny days...
    The sun's angle is indeed an odd one, even when we go for our bike ride, now earlier as it gets cooler fast in the later afternoon. But this time of the year also has something cozy about it.
    I've started singing and I love it being together with some 26 other women around my age and younger. It opens a new door as we prepare for our performances.
    Sending you big hugs and blessings and may God bless our nation!