Sunday, January 22, 2017

Voices I Hear

ugly divisive 
voices separate us ..
state of our union


  1. Division stronger than witH the do-nothing Congress. But now standby for the undoing, which will bring even stronger division. My prediction.

  2. Fortunately, many other voices responding with love and a refusal to be divided. It is such a hard time. The contrast is so stark.

  3. He'll say and do anything like a businessman but now it is frightening. For his hand is close to the button that might trigger off conflicts.


  4. It's sad to see women calling for peace, unity & love in one breath, then "blowing up the White House" in the other. I am pro-life, so I was not welcome. This is not unity, it's division.

    Your poem is spot on! xo

  5. I fear a lot of division has already happened. Pretty awful. Thanks.

  6. Dearest Helen,
    Yes, it is voices separating us...
    And we all have to take in mind that it is like the coins from change that make a LOT of noise! Compared to paper bills that have a lot more VALUE but are silent...
    May common sense prevail and may God protect all of us and especially the cruelty to the unborn.
    Even more so the cruelty to so many women in this world!
    NONE of the protesters did speak up for those voiceless women that are still being stoned for ever speaking up...
    Hugs and let's enjoy spring evolving around us - the birth of new life.
    May our loved ones from heaven embrace us with their eternal wisdom!