Saturday, February 25, 2017

Teacher, Teacher!!

E)  All of the above

A, B, C or D
do not leave it up to me
data input clogs my brain
choosing is a royal pain.

Essay questions simply best
words and syntax ample test
do not place me in a box
one with rules and irksome locks.

No more choices, make things right
let my thoughts and words take flight
A, B, C or D
really not my cup of tea.


  1. Multiple choice certainly does not test insight.

  2. I usually want to choose none or all... maybe I'm not made for those test either.

  3. i always like a 'none of the above' option

  4. Very cleverly expressed. Imagination can't be boxed

  5. The rhythm is wonderful (but what do I know?!). Personally, the hair on my arms raised a bit thinking of all the tests and exams of so long ago. It would be the stuff of nightmares now!

    Jane x

  6. Tests and I do not mix well. I'm always over thinking or looking for the trick in the question. I like your thoughts on multichoice

  7. Awesome! And I totally agree. LOL! xo