Friday, August 25, 2017

So Far Away

So ~ you've been making love to me ten thousand miles away ~  how tantalizing.

Griffin & Sabine ~ An Extraordinary Correspondence
Nick Bantock

I see you in the morning sun
And in the moonlight beams.
I see you on a sandy beach
And in my nightly dreams.

I hear you, touch you, taste you
My every sense you please.
I feel you all around me
In the gentle evening breeze.

For Real Toads
Page thirteen


  1. Sounds like a very passionate relationship!

  2. Love cannot be described better.

  3. I love the Griffin and Sabine series. What a cool idea that was.6

  4. Love is a powerful thing! You have captured it beautifully here Helen!

  5. So so lovely, the rhyme gives it a nice lilt.

  6. I too loved the Griffin and Sabine books, and I think this poem is very true to the spirit of them.

  7. I've never heard of Griffin and Sabine but that doesn't affect my enjoyment of a wonderful love poem.

  8. This is so beautiful, I really enjoyed reading it.

  9. This is soo wonderfully romantic!!

  10. Do romantic and the true love can win i in any situation, to see the lover every where, distance matters not!

  11. Dearest Helen,
    Well, even though those post cards are only made up, it still does word a never ending love; regardless of distance and time!
    Sending you hugs,

  12. I do not know Griffin and Sabine, but now I am curious about the story. This is a lovely, romantic tale.

  13. Beautiful, darling!
    Thanks for stopping by :)


  14. Dearest Helen,
    Okay, the V for Value that was an excellent poem.
    And because I value it to leave you a comment, I found an opening... past your Merry Christmas post where you sang Santa Baby, one of the songs we performed at our recent Christmas Revue with all the choirs. So much fun and we did move or dance to it as well.
    Got a lot to catch up on before heading out to Jacksonville, FL for midnight Mass at the Basilica, only a few minutes walking distance from the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. It was heavenly and a great start for our Florida escape. Pieter's heart is stable and he got improved after taking for one month the new prescribed meds by our 'new' cardiologist. What a blessing this 2nd opinion was after having dealt with the previous bully...
    Hugs and best wishes to you and your son and have a Happy New Year in good health!