Friday, August 11, 2017


Write a poem about something you can’t see fully. Whether it’s the sea monster draped in darkness or just the silhouette of a lover blotted out by the sun, we are all intrigued with the details that exist but escape our sights. 

this is me
the me you cannot see
the me you do not know

I always thought I would be
hard to leave
now I see the opposite is true

you live in a bubble
unavailable to me
to you

why could I not see
getting into the bubble
or getting you out was futile


  1. Ah, that elusive bubble. I feel the second stanza very much. A hard awareness to hold.

  2. I feel that first stanza so strongly and then the "I always thought I would be
    hard to leave" This is so strong

  3. This has a vulnerable feel to it, yet it is as strong as nails. I love this one Helen!!!

  4. You have made me feel like maybe I live in a bubble of sorts. If I do then I want to stay rhis way. I like the last verse, I've been gotten out as far as I want to go.

  5. Kudos. The bubble brought alive. (all that's left is reflection though tears)

  6. Somethings the things others don't see are the best pieces of us! Nice poem Helen!!! I really like where the prompt took you. Thanks for posting to the out of standard

  7. "why could I not see getting into the bubble or getting you out was futile". So sad. I totally relate to this. It is such a painful place to be. Yet there is strength in this poem.

  8. The things we miss while being just us (to ourselves), the things we miss indeed...

  9. An invisible bubble is still an obstacle. I love, 'I always thought I would be
    hard to leave.'

  10. It is painful to not be seen for who we are.. or to try to reach one who will not be seen.

  11. Really true--we are so often trapped inside--or outside--that bubble--and seeing through it is always distorted. Loved this, Helen.

  12. Dearest Helen,
    Yes, we all do spend some time inside that bubble and have to learn about things and emotions that we cannot see, neither explain...

  13. A quiet sadness that's palpable.

  14. Oh... so daringly vulnerable and the ability to look back and see a bit more clearly... Pinned this to my pinterest in "favorite poems"

  15. Ahhhhh the bubble, yes, love this poem!