Saturday, July 28, 2018

Whee, It's the Weekend!

In Memory of G-Man, Galen

what if
we remembered
Galen's rally cry
what if
for one weekend
we let loose
had a kick-ass weekend
stopped the sniping and back-biting
what if
we got real
had that kick-ass weekend
committed to forty-eight hours
of good will, peace and harmony
 ... can you imagine?
Galen could.


  1. Dearest Helen,
    Have a great weekend too. Well, yesterday I biked for the very first time after I got the green light from my orthopedic surgeon. Yay!
    Sending you hugs and best wishes!!!

  2. This is so true, Helen. What would happen if everyone could just feel good every weekend--about themselves, about the world and about their fellow humans? It would be extraordinary. The G-man would have loved this. Thanks.

  3. I like the idea, and it should be so.

  4. If you'll hold my cane
    My bike is ready
    I'll get on, be first
    Kick-ass weekend's here

    Then lively you'll hop
    Biker babe today
    Watch your hair flying
    Your back is burning

    We'll ride through the park
    'Neath each tree a band
    ZZ Top is there
    Oops, not 70's

    Those were the Kick-ass weekends in Houston, especially Sundays with rock bands playing almost under every tree in certain parks. When evening came, the Bayou banks swarmed with overflow to the downtown loading docks.
    No more, culmination of the era was Woodstock followed by rollerblading on the streets.
    G-Man was before I began visiting Garden. I would have enjoyed reading his work.

  5. That would be cool if everyone could be in high spirits.. would lessen trouble in the world.. (it's a start anyway) 💜

  6. I would love it to be so too... but I have more a sense that it goes in the opposite way.

  7. Such a sweet poem and sentiment - and funny to combine with kick-a-- but Galen too managed to make all that sweet. Thanks so much for participating with this sweet poem. k.

  8. He was an amazing person, dearest Galen. His voice is missed very much.

  9. 55 was certainly a magic number, back in the day, thanks to
    Mr KnowItAll ♥ :-)