Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ah ~ Caprese!


Caprese how do I love thee
let me count the ways/cities:

A Caprese virgin in Chicago
the combo of tomatoes, basil, olive oil, mozzarella, fresh pepper and balsamic ~ hooked forever 

years passed ~ ordered my fave 'round the world 
big cities, tiny towns, small hamlets 
so many, so many variations on the
Caprese theme I lost count

and when I thought I had tasted every possible variation ~ 2016, Florence Italy

real deal, sure thing, no competition
gobbled down the all-time, hands-down
award winning Caprese

might have been the city, the dashing waiter who served me, the Chianti ~ no matter

we know what’s on the menu today


  1. Oh, I love this!! Wonderful makes my mouth water!!

  2. summer tomatoes - and this is such a good dish. Italy? Oh yes.

  3. Dearest Helen,
    That makes us soul sisters as I had it too before dinner. LOVE the soft mozzarella and the little cherrie tomatoes make it so special. Basil can have so many different tastes as well and no doubt, one has to be in the mood for it!
    Sending you hugs,