Monday, August 13, 2018


I was a crooked line
straight and narrow
 not the path I chose 

over the edge
felt a little naughty
a lot more fun 

straight and narrow
might have won the game
sealed the deal 

'twas not for me
not my cup of tea
I was a crooked line


  1. Love the way you went with the prompt Helen. That crooked line got me from the beginning, I was wondering if anyone would see it and go with it. You are a writer and creative straight and narrow could never sealed the deal. Love this Helen! Thank you for joining us at The Sunday Muse!

  2. Dearest Helen,
    That very much lists our crooked line and at times there was no line...
    But a life full of adventures and we learned the true meaning of gratitude in all its meanings!
    Compared to millions here on this globe, we all live in paradise.