Sunday, September 23, 2018

Color me Green

Color Me Green

green signals go
escape and goodbye
time it is flying 
shapeshifter am I

transformed by steep mountains
forests deep green
fresh air and rivers

unspoiled and clean

green means renewal
harmony .. life
absence of malice
conflict and strife

color me greenly
from head to my toe
carry me gently to
where the winds blow

moving and changing
I'm staying alive
green is my color
a place where I thrive


  1. I love "color me greenly", too.

  2. Helen, I like the concept of motion loving green. Our world appears from a distant to be predominately blue but second color would be green. You might get to be some sensuous, like here, "color me greenly from head to my toe." Guess it deprnds, ... My one word descriptor will be "cute".

    1. Do you have an app for putting pictures on a pictured semi? I like the looks of your yruck. I used to have a "church sign" maker but I lost it on a broken computer.

  3. What a delightful sonnet to read and dream about.

  4. I like how you've started with green for go - escape and goodbye - which lends your sonnet its sense of freedom. Green is such a free colour, which is also conveyed in the flying of time and being transformed by nature. I can almost breathe that 'crisp fresh air'. I love the phrases 'color me greenly' and 'carry me gently'placed one above the other.

  5. Color me greenly... love the move from adjective to adverb..

  6. Oh! wow, what a node to green colour, my favourite colour!!!

  7. "an absence of malice, conflict and strife".. yes that's the magic of green💚

  8. this sonnet definitely captures the energy, the bursting pulsing of green in action and motion - wonderful!

  9. Green is a definite go! Love this sonnet, Helen.

  10. Yes! Move, see, explore, drive to the call of green.

  11. Ah, yes, the vivacity of green is perfect for such a spirit. I love all the action, both progressing and comforting, in this sonnet. Well-penned.

  12. Dearest Helen,
    LOVE this poem and lines 3 and 4 is where i am right now...
    No matter what, won't settle for static either!
    Sending you big hugs,

  13. There you are on the side of that truck. What a delight as was your poem! Thanks for coming by and for your comment.

  14. Beautiful words! Good to be spunky :)


  15. green means renewal
    harmony .. life
    an absence of malice
    conflict .. strife

    Love this stanza, Helen! Green affords a lucid look into wanting to be nice. Not many have this privilege Great rhyming, Ma'am!