Thursday, May 16, 2019


I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness.    
Emily Dickinson

one third of a trio
the oldest is me
responsible, yes
'tis me to a “T”

second in line
peacekeeper is she
her flip side - a prankster
and rival for me 

coming in third
quite bold at age four
daddy's li'l sidekick
funny to her core

three is our number
equation intact
sisters forever
 our blood-sister pact


  1. This is just too lovely, Helen. Such a special bond deserves a poem in dedication to sisterhood.

  2. This is cute. :) Nice tribute to you and your sisters.

  3. Sadly all I had was a bully brother so friends were far more important than him.

  4. A sweet and powerful tribute to sisterhood. Family is everything. Love what you did here, Helen :)

  5. Sisters have a special place for each other. You showed it very well. I watch Mrs. Jim and her sister have a special relationship that isn't that isn't there between my sister and me nor in other brothers and sisters. Some sisters and little brothers have a mother son type style. What I see, not scientific at all.

  6. Oh you lucky thing! I am the oldest of three; we were once happy and united but, sadly, that is no longer the case.

  7. Dearest Helen,
    What a very sweet bond you phrased out here in your poem about sisterhood!
    That is a wealth that many never know its value of.
    Pieter for one, never had any sister(s)...
    Mine are a bit too spread out in age. With the one below me, I've had a very close bond for decades but then, for some mysterious reason she turned against me.
    But to the core they always will remain MY sisters; no matter what they feel.

  8. What a wonderful way to describe real sisters... the bond getting stronger through differences

  9. Love this... I am the middle sister. I definitely was (still am) the peacemaker or at least the one who attempts to make peace.

  10. My heart is full! These words, the image... truly priceless and is what makes life worth living.

  11. Lovely way to describe that tight bind that many sisters have.

  12. Lovely poem about your love for your sisters.